Villager Client

Villager Client is a Minecraft PVP client for 1.8, which means it is made for legacy PVP. However, its main benefit is the FPS boost.

For example, my FPS without Villager Client is around 200 – 300. If I use Villager Client, my FPS can also go up to 700.

We’ve also re-designed the textures, which means there’s an integrated texture pack into it, which means that the textures could look better than the default Minecraft ones.

I’ve coded this client for low-end PCs. However, I own a mid-end PC, and it works fine. That means that you can also use it if you have a high-end PC. As a consequence, the mods might be a bit minimal, but it’s still great.

In comparison to other clients, like Badlion or Lunar, Villager Client will use less of your computer’s resources. This is because I’ve improved FPS by minifying the code. That means that I transformed many lines of code into 1 line.

Please note that the FPS may not be as boosted as other clients, but the way other clients improve FPS is with mods that improve performance, which may shorten your computer’s lifespan.

Although I’ve finished the development of the client, on version 1.0.3, I still recommend it. It is a very good client. In fact, while I was assisting people with the installation of Villager Client, they appreciated the client. It boosted their FPS from 10 to 40.

Good luck in dubbing those BedWars games!

Are you from another operating system? Try the .jar and .json file!
Download JAR

Download JSON

Minimum specs:

• Resolution: 1280×720

• CPU: 2×2.3GHz

• RAM: 4GB

• GPU: internal