Full About Me

  • This about me will take you through my life from 2015 all the way to the present. Get comfortable, maybe get a cup of coffee, because this text is over 1000 words long, even though I tried to make it as simple as possible, so you can read every single word easily. Enjoy!

Back in 2010 or 2011, not much time after I was born, my dad bought a laptop, and this laptop was a HP Pavilion Sleekbook 15″ 15-b050el laptop with Windows 8.1 installed. It was super powerful at the time, because it could do multitasking very easily. Obviously, if you use this laptop for multitasking today, it will be a pain, because programs have evolved since then.

Back in 2016, I was 5 and my aunt had given me a working laptop (HP Compaq 6720s with Windows 7 installed). At this time, my parents decided to do homeschooling with me and Michael, my brother. I am mentioning this, and you’ll see why later.

I don’t know how, but the laptop I was referring to had a problem, so Windows got uninstalled.

So, one day, I managed to re-install Windows! I showed this to my aunt by sending her a photo on WhatsApp. She was impressed that a 5-year-old kid could do this!

However, Since the Windows version that I had installed was Windows 10 and that laptop was a low-end laptop, it kept having problems with Windows non-stop. I was always there fixing them.

A while later, I then tried installing Windows 8.1, but it still had the same problems. I had then installed Windows XP, and it was working really well. I was really proud.

Also, I remember installing Ubuntu, a Linux distro, on that same laptop around this time.

In 2017, when I was 6 years old, I had made a website called Compy The Computer. I had also learnt how to make virtual machines and how to dual-boot! The problem is that I used to make virtual machines on all the devices I had, even on Windows tablets! I maxed out the allocated RAM and CPU, and I used 1TB of virtual disk space on just 64GB of space. I was really destroying those tablets.

Additionally, my dad’s laptop was having a problem. Basically, for what I could understand back then, the problem was that the hard disk got stuck. My dad is a very patient guy, so he gave that laptop to me. So, what I did, was make it worse. I disassembled it all, and today I seriously regret it because my dad spent 1000€ on it in 2010 – 2011. Sorry dad.

In 2018, I got my own laptop. It was a HP EliteBook 8470p, and it had 4GB of RAM and 2.60GHz of CPU clock with 4 cores, and my dad got his own laptop: HP Elitebook 8440p. A few months later, I upgraded the RAM of my computer to 8GB. In 2019, I was 8 years old and I subscribed to too many services, so my mum told me to delete the Google account. That Google account was used to access the website manager for Compy The Computer.

Later on, I also learned how to make MacOS virtual machines and I learned that I shouldn’t use up all the RAM, CPU, and storage anymore. My parents had enough of me breaking computers and tablets and they said “Stop using virtual machines, they break your computer!”. I didn’t care, I kept making virtual machines anyway. It would not be the end for my love, hard work, and passion for ISOs, virtual machines, and messing around with Windows. My parents even subscribed me to a swimming course for free, because our cousin was working as a swimmer there. In 2020, I was 9, and we started going out with people independently. Those people weren’t good, so we basically went out with vandals.

In 2021, I was 10 and I kept going out with them, but it was the last year, we agreed with our parents. At the end of this year, I made my channel called Villager Boy! The videos were very cringe and I sounded like a kid. However, my mum didn’t want me to make videos at the time because she said that I was too young. Now, in 2023, I’m not much older, but she doesn’t want me to delete anything of what I’ve created. I guess I’ve cracked the cheat code for parents…

In March 2022, Michael finally made his Discord account! We made much better friends there, but our first friend wasn’t that good either. He is still annoying me by being stupid and roasting me all the time. One day later, I made my own account. On March the 22nd, 2022, I created my Discord server, while Michael went to make friends, they were good times…

Around April 2022, my channel, Villager Boy, got hacked. I was very upset because I had put a lot of effort in that channel, although my videos were very cringe. I created a new channel with the same name, which I currently own. Since then, I was appealing many times to get this channel unbanned.

In June 2022, I made my website for Villager Boy, I was able to recover the website manager for Compy The Computer and I linked it to my current e-mail! This month was very nice for me, also because I managed to pass my exams.

In September 2022, my parents kept telling me that my voice was changing, but I didn’t hear the difference. This is because my voice was changing slowly and graudally. But now that my voice has finished changing, and I listen to my old recordings, I can surely notice the difference.

In December 2022, I started making YouTube Shorts, and they helped me to gain mosty of the subscribers I have now. That was a very exciting moment for me.

In February 2023, Freenom was selling my domain to porn websites, so I complained to them. All they did was delete my domain. Also, in this month, I built my own PC with pieces bought from Facebook. It was very cheap, but it gave me some very good low to mid-end pieces, and they were capable of doing all the activities I needed, like livestreaming, recording, gaming, editing, and designing. I made a vlog on my channel which was named “I turned my Grandad’s old PC into a Modern PC” because I had built that computer in my grandad’s case.

In April 2023, I bought a new domain with my mum’s help and got my website back, and I built my own computer.

On the 12 of April 2023, however, I joined a small community with Minecraft Bedrock 0.14.3 and 0.15.10 players. Although it’s very tiny, and people claim that it is slowly dying, I enjoy myself by playing in these servers. However, this strangely managed to bring up my channel’s views, because I guess you enjoy it as much as me. Furthermore, I also met other content creators who are monothematic on this topic and made friends, even if they sometimes make videos on newer Minecraft versions.

On the 29th of July 2023, my main PC broke. Basically, a pin to connect the CPU got bent, and I couldn’t fix it. That model had the CPU pins directly on the motherboard. I was very disappointed, since I cared so much about it, despite the fact that I built it in April. Its specs were kind of low to mid-end: it had 16GB of RAM, one hard disk with 500GB, and a GPU called AMD Radeon RX 460, and a P8P67 EVO motherboard. Today, I am so grateful that those pieces still work, except the motherboard obviously.

In August of 2023, I made my own Minecraft 0.14.3 server (which then became multiversion, 0.14.3 and 0.15.10) with the help of Zero, an important staff in my Discord server.

In September of 2023, I started going to school because my parents were busy. I have much less time, and I don’t know how to manage my website, my channel, and my server on only Saturday and Sunday. Despite that, my dad’s friend gave me a TV which I am using right now as a monitor.

On December the 6th 2023, I found another TV sitting in the middle of the street. My parents ignored it, but Michael and I decided to pick it up. We then went to buy a remote control, and now is ready to be sold on Facebook.

On December the 23rd, I bought a new computer, again from Facebook, only that this time I bought a pre-built one, since it was the only one on the marketplace which really convinced me. This computer is a HP ProDesk 600 G1 SFF with an Intel i3-4160 CPU, and 4GB of RAM. What I did to this computer was quite interesting: since this computer had a slim case, and my GPU has the standard bracket, I put all the components in my grandad’s case again. I also added the WiFi card, and I am honestly very happy with it. Then I upgraded the RAM to 16GB, obviously taking advantage of its 4 slots.

On January the 7th 2024, it was a very happy day, because I managed to recover my videos from the hacked Villager Boy channel, by downloading the YouTube data from Google. My mum was very proud, even though I used to make those videos by disobeying her. Now, every time a video on my channel goes viral, she is the first one to say well done.

On the 21st of April 2024, it was time to say goodbye to my channel for one month. I was very busy, so I just decided to leave my channel until the summer break when I’ll have more time. I can’t wait until the break is over, even though I don’t have much patience with editing. This is another reason why I’m taking a break. It’s a real strain having to do all the homework, recording, editing, and uploading the videos by Saturday. That’s also the reason why I have been recently posting more livestreams that long-form edited videos or montages. I’m planning plan to make Shorts during this break because they usually work to keep my channel active, but I won’t be using my voice. I hope to see you guys soon. Bye.