On the 3rd of July, 2024, right after I had beef with a PortalWix admin named ThamerYT, my website looked like this when you pinged it:


This is known as a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) and is an attack that consists in crashing the website’s host using big packets sent rapidly by multiple hosts. But what got into him? What happened between me and PortalWix? Who is this random kid? In this post, I’m answering these questions. Let’s get straight into it.

So it started with some bad experiences I had while working as admin in PortalWix mentioned in this video. They didn’t like the fact that I exposed them all, so this started beef, even with close relationships like the one with Thamer. Before this video, me and Thamer defended each other no matter what. Then, I wanted to get straight to the point by making this video. I didn’t want this beef to be too long, even though it’s long either way.

I told Thamer to choose: me or Tubunga? He indirectly chose Tubunga with this roast message:

Analysing this message, he’s envious of my fan base, he calls me retarded, he says I won’t ever be a good person in life because I’m a joke, says my expose video is fake, and body shames me a bit by saying I have a kid ass. Let me prove him wrong:

My fan base consists of much older people than 9 year-olds as you can see in this screenshot. Thank goodness it doesn’t, because 9 years of age is too young for this kind of beef.

So far, I have been a good person. I’ll go off topic a bit.

I don’t want to brag, but I bought someone a fan cooler for his laptop, and a Minecraft account so he can play Minecraft properly. He is more than greatful for that. I also told people to ping me for anything in my server.

Back to the topic. I’ve also been very respectful while talking to Tubunga before this video, and that’s what I meant when I said “I’m sick and tired of Anya, Tubunga (the two PortalWix owners), Athamer, and all the other staff”.

But I still was getting ignored. That’s when I started calling them prats.

When someone hits his limit of patience, he hits it for real, and becomes toxic by chance. It wasn’t in my case, because I didn’t swear once in that video.

So I also did beef with Rishi, and he DDOSed my website.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, so you understand my point of view now. Bye.

By Robert Anthony

The owner of Villager Boy Web. I'm the person behind the 0.14.3 Villager PE server. Current age: 13 Birthday: 21/12/2010

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