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Can you give me admin? Please…please…I swear on my mother, on my father, on my grandparents, on my whole lifesavings that I won’t abuse 🥺

First of all, we don’t accept people randomly without them having written a decent staff application. At Villager PE, we try to maintain the server as proper as possible. In order to do this, we pick the staff that we think would be most serious ones. When we are in need of staff, we open the applications. This is when you have a chance to fill out the form. In this post, I have described the different values of ranks, as well as how we manage our ranks. Additionally, begging for ranks, no matter on whoever you swear you won’t abuse, is prohibited. This could result in an arogant answer from the owner, or directly lead to a ban.

What are some tips to prevent my staff application from being straight-up denied?

I’d say don’t beg for ranks in the first place. We find many beggers in our server, and we would not fancy an extra one. Increase the work time. Also, in the questions “How many hours will you be active?” and “How many days of the week will you be active?“, we try to pick the staff that offers more work time. Additionally, make sure to have some good experience, grammar, and use of English. As discussed and agreed with our staff Wqat or AthamerA1012, we need to judge your activity and ability, but your overall English level is also essential.

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