How we choose our staff

Trial Roles

Trial roles, prefixed by “Trial” and followed by the role name (Mod standing for Moderator, Dev standing for Developer, Builder standing for Builder), are given to the people who are new to the staff team and are constantly being tested and trained by the Extreme Roles.

Extreme Roles

Extreme roles are the roles that people achieve after passing their maxed out roles (Sr. Mod, Sr. Dev, with Sr. standing for Senior, basically with a lot of experience).


Admins are people who work very well in general. They generally know how to moderate the server and how to build. They are very active in the server, constantly moderating.


Consider this as a Senior Admin. Managers are very serious admins that have a lot of experience as for their previous role. They are very good when it comes to their grammar and use of English, building, and moderating. The hardest transition, as I always described, is the transition from Admin to Manager. I make it hard to show the value that the role has.

Now that you have a general knowledge on what the different roles are for, you can acknowledge how to treat different levels of staff. But before applying for staff, make sure to refer to this post to understand the difference between the types of staff.