I gave a brand-new, fresh look to the website. I thought that old style would be too flat.

If anyone remembers, this was Villager Boy Web in October:

It was very very bad. You can check all the versions (starting from October) on the Web Archive, just click here.

Even before this snapshot, it had that background image with blur. It looked like the background image was low quality. As always, I will provide a download for that too. Just click here.

That old website was neither light mode, or dark mode. It was dog mode. It had a plain background image that you can download by clicking here.

Finally, I removed the background image and replaced it with a white colour, added some padding to the menu, and it looked like this:

There was a problem. That menu was also used for the footer and it looked ugly (I don’t have a photo for that), so I then changed the footer and I made the whole website dark mode and it looked like this:

I know, this is getting more familiar. There was one more thing that I’ve fixed. I fixed the menu! Instead of the legacy menu with padding, I replaced it with a button that says “Expand Menu” on the top-right.

Then, finally, today I made a massiv e improvement! I changed the WHOLE THEME of the website. Here’s a screenshot:

This is all for this post. I hope you enjoyed it!

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