How it began

This is a brief version; please click here for the full About Me.

One day, when I was 7, I created a website called Compy The Computer. Every day, I used to go there and see my statistics. Then, in 2019, I subscribed to too many services, so I deleted my Gmail account. That account was used to access the web manager for Compy The Computer, so I lost it. Then, my brother and I (MikeBike#6757) subscribed to a swimming course. So we had loads of fun back then. We didn’t go anymore because of the COVID-19 pandemic. In January 2020, I made a YouTube channel called Compy The Computer, where I showed how to fix technical problems. I had 50 views on my most viewed video. In May 2020, we started going out by ourselves. We started going to the park, got new friends, and all that good stuff. When winter arrived, it was too cold to go out any longer, so we stayed home with our parents. In the winter of 2021, I made my YouTube channel, and I named it Villager Boy! Then, when 2022 started, we got Discord! And then, we subscribed to Twitch because my YouTube channel got hacked. Then, on the 6th of June (2022), I recovered Compy The Computer, so that’s where we are now.